Assign a Territory to an Address Book Entry

Updated 3 years ago by Celina Kwan

Users can manually assign territories and account managers to Address Book entries on the Basic Information tab of open entries.

Users with the Sales Manager role can always manually assign territories. When a sales manager assigns a territory, “Set by manager” is displayed in the Territory Status field.

Users without the Sales Manager role can manually assign territories while creating new Address Book entries. They can also assign a territory to an existing entry if a territory is not assigned and the Account Manager field is blank. When a user assigns a territory, “Set by user” is displayed in the Territory Status field.

Users can always manually assign territories for Address Book entries to which they are assigned as account managers.

Changes to territory status are logged to an entry’s notes.

  1. Select the Address Book entry to which you want to assign a territory.
  2. In the Details following pane, click the Edit button below the entry’s name.
  1. If necessary, from the Key Fields drop-down list, select a Key Fields list that contains the Territory and Account Manager fields.
By default, the Territory and Account Manager fields are included in the <Default Key Fields> list.
  1. From the Territory drop-down, select the territory you want to assign to the entry.
  1.  In the Account Manager field, select account managers for the entry from the list of available users.
  1. Click Save.

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