Add a Hotlist Task from Microsoft Outlook

Updated 3 years ago by Niall Clifford

To complete this procedure, Outlook Integration for Maximizer CRM Live must be installed.

You can create Hotlist tasks in Maximizer from email messages in Microsoft Outlook. The email message is automatically saved with the Maximizer Contact associated with the task. When you create the task, the following options are available:

  • Create a new Contact or Individual and a Hotlist task in Maximizer from the message.
  • Create a task for an existing Contact in Maximizer.
  • Create a personal task in Maximizer.
  1. In Outlook, select or open the email message.
  2. In the Maximizer tab, select Create Task.

  1. Select the type of entry you want to create, and click OK.

  1. If you are creating a new Contact or Individual at the same time as the task, enter the basic information for the entry, and click OK.
  2. If necessary, select the Address Book entry associated with the task.
If there is an associated Address Book entry for the selected email address, it is displayed in the list. If necessary, search for entries and assign them to the task.
  1. Specify the task details and click OK to save the task in Maximizer.

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