Global Edit

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You can update a number of entries at the same time with the Global Edit command. The changes are applied to all entries included in the global edit. You can either select the entries to apply the edits to or apply the edits to all entries in the current list.

When working with a global edit, keep the following points in mind:

  • Specify Values in most fields available for the type of entry you are working with.
  • Specify Remove to remove values from basic and user-defined fields, leaving the fields blank.
  • In the Remove column of a table user-defined field, select specific field values to remove from the field without removing all values.
  • In the Global Edit Rules drop down list, specify how to add values to modified user-defined fields and some basic fields, such as category.
  • In the Note tab, specify a note that is logged to all entries included in the global edit.

Global Edit is a very powerful feature, so you might consider backing up your Address Book before making significant changes. You can perform global edits on Address Book entries, Opportunities, and Customer Service cases.

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