Changing Your Password

Updated 3 years ago by Celina Kwan

When you first log in to Maximizer, you should change your password.

If your password does not meet Maximizer’s password complexity requirements, you will be prompted to change it when you log in to Maximizer.
  1. In the top-right corner of the page, click on your Profile icon.

  1. Click Change Password.

  1. The Change Password dialog box appears.

Enter in the required fields.

Your password must contain at least eight characters including at least one character from three or more of the following groups:

  • Uppercase letters (A-Z).
  • Lowercase letters (a-z).
  • Numbers (0-9).
  • Symbols: Ex. the dollar sign ($), pound (#), or underscore (_)
  1. Click OK to save your new password.
If you use the outlook integration for Maximizer, please ensure you also update your new Maximizer password in the Outlook integration preferences also.

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