Change of SQL Server with Maximizer Installation or Upgrade

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  1. Maximizer CRM setup files have been downloaded and unzipped.
  2. Maximizer Customer ID, PSN (Product Serial Number), PLN (Product License Number) at the ready.


  1. Make a backup copy of all your production databases except the Ma Config database
The MA Config Database is a Maximizer system database and will be reinstalled upon the installation of Maximizer
  1. Save these copies to a location on the network so you can move them to new server.
  2. Restore your backup of the databases on the new SQL Server using SQL Management Studio (SSMS).
  3. If this server/machine is going to host Maximizer Web Components ( Maximizer Web Access), Install all of the IIS components on the new Server. Additionally, Open Port 5508 in Windows Firewall
  4. Install all the IIS components on new server. If this machine is going to host Maximizer Web components (Maximizer Web Access) as-well. Open Port 5508 in Windows Firewall outbound to address Global Edit feature of Maximizer.
  5. Add Windows firewall incoming exception for Port 1433 TCP and 1434 UDP for the SQL Server.
If any port other than default ports 80 or 443 for Maximizer web access then have them excluded as-well.
  1. Run the setup file as admin and proceed with custom install. Deselect the Database components.
SQL Server is installed at this point
  1. Let Maximizer to connect with your new MS SQL Server. Once the installation is completed, next Install the Product License Numbers (PLN) and activate.

To do this use:

  • Desktop Administrator Module
  • Install Multi-User License.
If you don’t see your address books at login page
  1. Next, Launch Maximizer Desktop Administrator Module


  • File
  • New Address Book
  • give a name to your MS SQL server in the database server drop-down list
  • Provide the MASTER/SA OR Windows login to connect with SQL server.
Step 9 would be performed multiple times if you have multiple databases.
  1. Next, to complete the upgrade of Maximizer take the following steps:


  • Maximizer Desktop Admin Module
  • Utilities
  • Upgrade Maximizer
  • Select the last option from the upgrade listing
  • Pick your database
  • Input MASTER user id and password
  • When asked to create a backup - Select "No"
This upgrade process will take few minutes. Repeat these steps for other address books you have.
  1. Synchronize your Maximizer user with SQL Server:

To Synchronize Maximizer with the SQL Server go to:

  • Maximizer Desktop Administrator
  • Utilities
  • System Configurations
  • Synchronize
  1. Launch your Maximizer Web access using browser and login to Address Books/ Databases and ensure that everything is working as expected.

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