Save a Search in the Search Catalog

Updated 3 years ago by Celina Kwan

You can save values in the Advanced Search dialog box to the search catalog to retrieve at a later time.

While setting up the search criteria, you can specify generic values in your searches to make them reusable for different users and at different times. For fields that take Maximizer users as values, you can specify the current user as the value of the field. For date fields, you can specify values in relation to the current date, such as today, next month, and current fiscal quarter. Each time the search is run, values for the current user and values relative to the current date are retrieved.

While saving the search, you can select a column setup to display automatically whenever the search is retrieved. You can also specify that the values in the search may be changed when the search is run.

  1. Select Search > Advanced Search.
  1. Click Add and select your fields.
  1. Click Catalog > Add.
  1. Specify the properties of the search.
  • Select Prompt for values when search is retrieved to let users change the values specified for each field each time the search is run.
  • In the Full Access and Read Access fields, select a Maximizer user or group with access to the saved search.
  • In the Associated Column Setup area, select an existing column setup to display when the search is retrieved.
To select a column setup created by another user, you may first need to select Show All Column Setups at the top of the drop-down list.
  1. Click OK.

The search is added to the search catalog.

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