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You can send mass emails from the main lists in the Address Book, Opportunities, Customer Service,and Hotlist pages. If you send the email message from the Address Book page, the message is sent to the selected Address Book entries. If you send the email message from another page, the email message is sent to the Address Book entries associated with the selected entries.

When sending an email in Maximizer you can ensure that a copy of the email appears in your email application by choosing to automatically send a carbon copy (CC) of the email to yourself.

If you frequently send mass emails, we recommend creating a favorite list to easily retrieve your regular recipients each time.

You can also select a list of entries from the Address Book

When sending large mass emails (500+), it is best to send them in smaller groups to avoid errors.

Send Emails from a Favorite List

  1. Select the list of entries you would like to email.
  • Click the checkbox to the left of the entries or click the checkbox above the entries to select all the entries in the list.
  1. Click View > Favorite Lists.

  1. Select Add to make a Favorite List.

  1. Give your Favorite List a name.
  • In the Full Access and Read Access fields, select a Maximizer user or security group with access to the Favorite List.

Press OK.

Your Favorite List has been created.

  1. To open your Favorite List, select View > Favorite List.

  1. Select your Favorite List and click Retrieve.

  1. Now that your Favorite List is open, select the checkbox in the column setup to select all the entries.
  1. Select Actions > Write an email.

The Send Email dialog box appears.

  1. Select All selected entries.
  1. Type your email in the text box or click the Template icon to insert your email template.

In the To field, Merge to list indicates that each selected entry will receive a personalized email from you.

  1. Choose an option from the Send as: drop-down list.
    • Select Separately to send a separate email message to each Address Book entry.
    • Select One email to send one email message to all the selected entries at once.
  2. Choose an Email type from the drop-down list.

  1. Before you send your email, set your Logging options:
    • Select Send a copy of this message to myself to automatically send a carbon copy of the email message to your email address.
    • Select the Include message body in note option to save the message to the note created.
    • Select the Save copy to entry’s documents option to save the message as a document for the entry.
    • Select Include attachments to save email attachments along with the email message.
    If the email message contains attachments that are too large to save to the entry, you can clear this option.
    • In the Text for note field, enter any additional text you would like to log as part of the note created by the email message.
    • Click the Logging Details button and then the Assign More button to log the email details to additional Address Book entries.
  2. Click Send.
The Emails will not be sent if you are prompted with an error message. Read and correct the error(s) and click Send to try again.

For example:

Select Entries from the Address Book

Alternatively, you could select a list of clients from the Address Book.

  1. In the Address Book, click the boxes beside the entries you'd like to send an email to.
  2. Select Actions > Write an email.


Right-click and select Write an email.

  1. Follow steps 9-14 above to send the emails.
Click here to learn how to send an email to all your customers.

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