Change an Opportunity Status

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To complete this procedure, you must have Modify permission for Opportunities, and you must either be assigned as the leader or be a team member with edit rights in the Opportunity.

When you add a new Opportunity, its status is set to “In progress”. By default, when you open the Opportunities page, your current or “In progress”, opportunities are displayed. You can change the status of an Opportunity to indicate that the Opportunity is won, lost, abandoned, or suspended.

If the Opportunity is won, the revenue for the opportunity is recognized against any quotas assigned to the leader or sales team. If the Address Book entries associated with the Opportunity are sales leads, the entries are automatically converted to regular entries (not sales leads).

  1. Click on the Opportunity to make it the current entry.
  1. In the following pane, select the Details tab, and click Edit.
  1. From the Status drop-down list, select the status of the Opportunity: WonLost to, or Abandoned.
  1. If the Opportunity is won, in the Actual Revenue field, enter the revenue.

By default, the projected revenue is displayed.

  1. If the Opportunity is lost, from the Lost To drop-down list, select the competitor who won the Opportunity.

From the Reason drop-down list, select a reason for completing the opportunity, and in the Comment field, enter a comment, as desired.

  1. If the Opportunity is Suspended, select the date and choose a reason from the drop-down list.

  1. Click Save.

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