Book a Task or To-Do in Maximizer Mobile App

Updated 2 years ago by Niall Clifford

In the Maximizer Mobile App there are a few ways to create appointments:

Option 1: Add Task via Today's Business Page:

  1. To add a Task, select Add Task.

  1. Next, fill out the information related to the Task:

In the Task creation window, you will see the same fields that are available in adding Tasks via Maximizer web access:

  • Activity/Subject
  • Date/Time
    • Today
    • Tomorrow
    • Custom
  • Alarm
  • Address Book
  • Priority
  • Owner
  • Completed
  1. Fill out the relevant information for this Task and select Save to complete booking the Task:
  2. If you change your mind and wish to abandon this Task, select X.

Option 2: Add a Task via Address Book Entry

  1. First, select the Menu Icon.

  1. Next, select Address Book.
  2. In the Address Book, find and select an entry.

  1. Once the entry loads, select the + symbol.

  1. A window will pop up, select the activity you wish to create.

  1. Select Task and fill out the information for the Task.

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