User-Defined Fields vs System Fields

Updated 3 years ago by dustin keir

User Defined FIelds

User-defined fields are created by Maximizer users. You can create as many user-defined fields as you need to define your entries. All user-defined fields are available in the User-Defined Fields following pane. You can also add user-defined fields to Key Fields lists.

User-defined fields are created and modified in the Set Up User-Defined Fields dialog box in Maximizer or in Administrator. Users must have permissions for User-Defined Field Setup to view, create, modify, and delete user-defined fields.

System Fields

System fields are created by default in Maximizer. They cannot be deleted or modified. They included the main fields in the Details pane, for example Address and phone number, for Address Book entries and the main fields in the Basic Information tab for other entries. Some system fields are available in Key Fields lists, but aren’t otherwise visible in the entries. As well, some fields in the User-Defined Fields tab are system fields. They are shown in bold, black text.

You can set up custom values for many of the system fields using Administrator. Only users with the Administrator role can modify these fields. You can also set up custom values for many other system fields in Maximizer. Users must have the Modify system fields privilege to customize system field values from Maximizer.

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