Storing Documents for Hyperlinks

Updated 3 years ago by Isabelle

You may need to ask your network administrator or an Information Technology professional to set up a location for the documents.

You can use hyperlinks to point to documents stored on a web server. Here are the main steps that will need to be completed to set up the location:

  1. Find a location for the documents on a web server, and add a folder for the documents. This location should be stable, so the links will be preserved in the future. For example, create a folder named "Documents" on the webserver.
  2. Create a virtual directory for the folder. The name of the virtual directory will determine the URL for the folder.
You could also find a location in an existing virtual directory for the documents. However, you must ensure that this location is stable and won’t be modified later.
  1. Grant full access to the folder for all users that need to save files to the location. If the folder is in an existing web application, you should grant access only to the folder, not to the entire virtual directory.
  2. Save files to the physical folder using the network location of the folder.
  3. In Maximizer, add hyperlinks pointing to the files using the URL of the virtual directory and the file name.

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