Error in Imports

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Scenario 1

During the import, when you choose:

                 a.    Add new records and make updates to existing records

                 b.    Update only empty Maximizer fields with data from the import file


This will result in the error Opportunity -> The row did not cause an update because there is no existing record that matches the duplicate check.


If this is a first time insert, then some of the rows in Excel are empty for the field which must to be turned on to match the spreadsheet.


Scenario 2  

During the import process when you choose:

                 a.    Only update existing Maximizer records with new data from the import file

                 b.    Update only empty Maximizer records with data from the import file


This will result in the error Company -> Inserting to the database failed.  The error returned from Maximizer.Web.Data is AbEntry: failed to create AbEntry. Maximizer.Data message: Unable to perform an operation without the setting of a mandatory field.


This means your spreadsheet is missing mandatory fields (that you have setup in Maximizer). You can either add those columns for those UDFs in your Excel sheet and then match OR you can turn off mandatory check for those UDFs (from admin module) for the time being once the import is finished.

The Resolution

In the import process, there any many variations that can cause an error. The resolution comes down to:

  1. Matching the basic fields.
  2. Any additional fields that need to be matched must be stated as Don’t Import on the destination in Maximizer fields.
  3. Clarifying the exact data that will determine the type of entry type, lead, opportunity or account.
  4. Ensuring the numeric values are not combined with alphabetic values (ex. "CAD 100.00" will result in an error).
  5. Making sure to not leave blank fields on the spreadsheet.

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