Create or Modify a Quota Template

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Quota templates store the details of quotas so they can be reused and applied to different teams, territories, and leaders. All of the details specified in the quota template can be modified when it’s applied.

To complete this procedure, you must have the Sales Manager user role.
  1. In the Quotas page, select Edit > Quota Templates.
  1. Click Add.

– or –

Select the quota template that you want to modify, and click Modify.

  1. Specify a name for the quota template.
  2. In the Quota field, enter the total amount of the quota for the fiscal year.

  1. In the Fiscal Year drop-down list, specify the year that the quota applies to. 

The beginning of the fiscal year is set in Administrator.
  1. Under Milestones, select Month or Quarter as the milestones in the fiscal year.
By default, an equal percentage of the quota is applied to each milestone.
  1. To modify the amount applied to a milestone, select the milestone, click Modify, and enter the new amount or percentage.
After making any changes, you can click Reset to return to the default milestones.
  1. If necessary, redistribute the quota amounts applied to the milestones to match the quota value.
The Total of Quota (%) value displays the total amount of all milestones and their percentage of the quota value.
  • To add or subtract the difference to or from a single milestone, select the milestone, click Rebalance, and click Selected.
  • To add or subtract the difference to or from all milestones, click Rebalance, and click All.

  1. Click OK to save.

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