Maximizer Merge Fields in Microsoft Word

Updated 3 years ago by dustin keir

Merge fields are place-holders in your document that can be replaced by basic Address Book entry or user-defined field information when you perform a merge.

You can insert Maximizer merge fields into documents in Microsoft Word, letting you add information from your Address Book to your Word documents.

Merge fields are not restricted to Address Book entry information—you can insert merge fields for your own user information, Customer Service cases, and Opportunities as well.

When you add a merge field to a Word document, you have the option of adding the merge field as a link. When the merge field is added as a link, a field is added to the document. When you merge the document, the field is replaced with the value from the current entry. You should add merge fields as link if you plan on reusing the document for different Maximizer entries. If you add a merge field without linking it, the value of the field in the current entry is added to the document as text.

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