About Indicators

Updated 3 years ago by Isabelle

Indicators display the information in your dashboards. Each dashboard can contain multiple indicators.

You can set up indicators to access Address Book information in the following ways:

  1. Saved searches – You can link indicators with existing searches in the search catalog. The indicator reports either the number of entries returned in the search or a calculation based on fields in the entries.
  2. Filters – You can specify filters for activities and quotas and return information on the entries that match the filters. You can filter information by date, assigned users or teams, and values of specific fields in appointments and tasks.

You can choose from a number of indicator controls to display the data. These controls format your Address Book data in charts, lists, and gauges.

While setting up your indicators, you can set up Click-Throughs for the indicators. Click-Throughs determine what happens when a Maximizer user clicks on an indicator. You can set up the Click-Throughs for an indicator to open another Dashboard, to retrieve a list in Maximizer containing the results of the search associated with the indicator, or to retrieve a list of the entries included in the total for an individual group within the indicator.

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