Types of Reports

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A number of reports are available from the Reports menu in Maximizer:

  • Calendar View – Displays the contents of the Calendar page in a printable report. This report is available only in the monthly view.
  • Column Report – Displays the same information you see displayed in a controlling window, such as names and addresses or opportunity information.
  • Consolidated Activity Report – Displays the notes, Hotlist tasks, and appointments created by or assigned to Maximizer users in a specific date range.
  • Customer Service Workload Report – Displays the number of Customer Service cases assigned to each representative, along with summary statistics showing the average age of cases for each representative, as well as details about each case. The Customer Service Workload Report is only available in the Customer Service module.
  • Detailed Report – Includes basic information for an Address Book entry, a customer service case, a campaign, or an opportunity.
  • Email Campaign Response Metrics Report – Displays information related to email campaigns, including the number of emails sent, the open rate for emails, and click-through statistics. The Email Campaign Response Metrics Report is only available in the Campaigns module.
  • Incoming vs. Outgoing Calls Report – Displays the phone calls made and received by users along with summary statistics about the duration of calls.
  • Note Report – Prints notes attached to an Address Book entry, a Campaign, a Customer Service case, or an Opportunity.
  • Phone Log – Lists phone calls recorded in Maximizer for the current user on a specific day.
  • Pipeline Report – Displays information about the current opportunities throughout the various stages of the opportunity pipeline. The Pipeline Report is only available in the Opportunities module.
  • User-Defined Field Report – Lists the user-defined fields attached to an Address Book entry, a Campaign, a Customer Service case, or an Opportunity.
  • Interactions Report – Lists all the interactions, and the details related to them. Interactions reports can be customized to include details such as different types of interactions, opportunities, and cases by using filters and data grouping capabilities.

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