Add an Address Book Entry from Microsoft Outlook

Updated 3 years ago by Niall Clifford

To complete this procedure, Outlook Integration for Maximizer CRM Live must be installed.

You can create Address Book entries in Maximizer directly from Microsoft Outlook. You can create Address Book entries from Outlook contacts or from email messages in Outlook. If you create the entry from an email message, the entry is created from the email sender (From address).

The Create Contact command is available in the Maximizer Outlook Integration tab or toolbar in the Mail and Contact windows, and the Message and Contact dialogs in Outlook.

If you cleared the “Confirm when creating Contact” option when setting up Outlook integration, Maximizer automatically creates entries as follows:

  • If an Individual is selected as the default contact type, Maximizer creates an Individual Address Book entry.
  • If a Company/Contact is selected as the default contact type, Maximizer creates a Company/Contact Address Book entry. If the Outlook contact information does not include a company name, you are prompted to provide one when saving the Contact to Maximizer.
  1. In Outlook, select the contact or the email message.
  2. In the Maximizer tab, select Create Contact.

  • If the “Confirm when creating Contact” option is disabled, the Company or Individual Address Book entry is created automatically in Maximizer.
  • If the “Confirm when creating Contact” option is selected, the Save Contact to Maximizer dialog box opens.
To enable or disable the “Confirm when creating Contact” option, select the Maximizer CRM Live Outlook Integration Options icon.
  1. If necessary, change the Address Book entry type.

  1. If you are creating a Contact for an existing Company/Individual, click Search to find and select the Address Book entry for which you want to create a Contact.
  2. Enter the information in the available fields as required.
  3. Click OK to save the entry.

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