Send an Email to a Contact

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Use this procedure to send an email message to a Contact from the Details tab of the following pane in the Address Book, Opportunities, or the Hotlist page. In the Opportunities page, you can send the message to the Contact associated with the Opportunity. In Hotlist, you can send the message to the Address Book entry associated with the Hotlist task.

When sending an email you can select an optional email type. If the selected email type requires consent, the email will not be sent to any recipients who have not opted-in to the selected email type. If no email type is selected, the email will be sent without checking the email profiles of the recipients.

If no email type is configured in Maximizer then the default value will be blank for email type. You can manage the email profile and opt-in information for your Address Book entries in the Details tab of the following pane in the Address Book page.

  1. Click on an Address Book entry, Opportunity, or Hotlist task to make it the current entry.
  2. In the following pane, select the Details tab.
  1. For an Address Book entry, under Email addresses and website, click on the email address.

– or –

For an Opportunity, under Actions, select Write an email.

The Send Email dialog box opens.

  1. To add more email recipients, click the ToCc, or Bcc buttons.

You can search the current Address Book . You can search by last name or by company. For entries with multiple email addresses, select the desired address from the drop-down list in the row for the entry.

  1. Enter a subject and the text of the email message.
Do not use angle brackets, < or >, in the email editor. Any text between the brackets will be removed from the email message.

Use the toolbar icons and font drop-down lists to format your message.

  1. Click the Attach File icon to select file attachments to send with the email message.
  1. From the Email type drop-down list, select an email type.
  1. Set your Logging options as follows:
  • Select Send a copy of this message to myself to automatically send a carbon copy of the email message to your email address.
  • Select the Include message body in note option to save the email as a note attached to the entry.
If the box cannot be checked off, go to Preferences. Click on the Logging tab and select Notes under the Email section.

  • Select the Save copy to entry’s documents option to save the email as a document for the entry.
  • Select Include attachments to save email attachments along with the email message.
If the email message contains attachments that are too large to save to the entry, you can clear this option.
  • In the Text for note field, enter any additional text you would like to log as part of the note created by the email message.
  • Click the Logging Details button and then the Assign More button to log the email details to additional Address Book entries.
  1. Click Send.

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