Map Entries Using Bing Maps

Updated 3 years ago by Niall Clifford

  1. Select any Maximizer Address Book entries that you would like to see on a map by clicking into the checkboxes of each desired record.
There is a Maximizer selection limit of 200 entries that can be added to a map – if this limit is exceeded you will receive an error message and Bing Maps will not register the selected group of entries.
  1. Select the Bing Maps Tab to display the selected records.

  1. In the Bing Maps window, the entries will be displayed and it will give you a visual indication if the address on the entry was located or not.
  • If the entry indicates “Found” the entry will be added to the map.
  • If the entry indicates “Invalid” or “Not Found” the entry will not be mapped.

  1. Once you have completed making your selection of Entries, select Draw Maps.

  1. A new browser window will open, displaying the selected entries. You can zoom in and out and utilize other features of Bing Maps.

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