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Enabling multi-currency in an Address Book enables users to enter opportunity revenue in other currencies. All other currency fields are displayed in the default currency for the Address Book, otherwise known as the corporate currency. Additional currencies added to the Address Book can be applied to opportunity revenue on a per-entry basis.

Multi-currency is enabled in Administrator. If this functionality is not enabled, all related fields, menu items, and dialog boxes are not visible in Maximizer. Once multi-currency is enabled for an Address Book, it cannot be disabled. The corporate or default currency for the Address Book is also set in Administrator. For more information on enabling multi-currency, granting users rights to manage multi-currency, and setting the corporate currency, see the Maximizer CRM Administrator’s Guide.

The corporate currency acts as the exchange rate baseline for other currencies. The corporate currency always has an exchange rate of 1.0, and other currencies have their own exchange rates. The exchange rates determine the revenue conversion from one currency to another. By default, the corporate currency is US, but this can be changed in Administrator.

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