Update or Change Search Criteria in a Saved Catalog Search Item

Updated 3 years ago by Niall Clifford

In Maximizer, you can make changes or edits to existing catalog search items that you or a team mate may have saved.

To change or update the criteria contained in an Advance search catalog item, follow this process:


  1. Select Search > Advanced Search.

  1. Select Catalog.

  1. In the Search catalog, select the saved search item that you wish to modify.

  1. Select Retrieve.

  1. This will recall the saved advanced search and display the advanced search window containing the search criteria you had specified previously.

  1. Next, make the appropriate edits to the advanced search as required by using the any of the options in this window.

In this case, we will change the “City/Town” field from “Vancouver” to “Calgary" and select OK.

  1. Click Catalog to save the changes to this search.

  1. Select the advanced search item you wish to over-write and press Save.

  1. Alternatively, if you wish to create a completely new search catalog item, select Add.

  1. Finally, input a new name/ Access rights for this search catalog item and select OK to finish.

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