Set Up a Territory

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When you set up a territory, you can define rules that an Address Book entry must match to be assigned to the territory during an alignment. To build the rules, use fields such as City, Country, State/Province and Zip/Postal Code. You can also use user-defined fields.

During an alignment, entries are tested against territories in the order the territories appear in the Territory list. If an entry matches the rules of more than one territory, the territory appearing higher in the list is assigned to the entry.

All entries match a territory that does not contain any rules. So if you create such a territory, it is placed by default at the bottom of the Territory list. Otherwise, entries matching the rules of territories appearing after it would not be matched to these territories. Instead they would be matched to the territory without rules.

  1. From the Address Book page, select Edit > Territory Management.
  • The Territory Management dialog box opens.
  1. Under the Setup tab, select the territory you want to add/modify and click Add.
  • The Add/Modify Territory dialog box opens.
  1. Enter a territory name.

  1. Next to the Account Manager field, click the ellipsis, and select Account Managers for the territory from the list of available users.

Click Ok.

  1. Click Add to select the basic or user defined fields you need to define territory rules.

Click Ok.

The Field Values for Search dialog box will open.

  1. Enter the values for the fields you have chosen to search and click Add.
  1. Under Search condition, specify whether Address Book entries Must match all, or Match one or more of the territory rules.
  2. Click Ok.
  • The new territory is added to the Territory list.
If an Address Book entry matches the rules of more than one territory, the territory appearing higher in the Territory list is assigned to the entry.
  1. If required, click the Move Up and Move Down buttons to move the territory in the list.

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