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In Maximizer, you can quickly access an entry's history in the History following tab. The History following tab displays all of the notes and documents associated with the current entry in the main window so that you can see all of the recent activity with the entry.

The History following tab is available for entries in the Address Book, Opportunities, Campaigns, Customer Service, and Hotlist pages. All of the notes, documents, and emails associated with the current entry are displayed in the History following tab. Each note, document, and email is displayed along with the name of the user who created it, the user's profile picture, and the date and time it was created. Notes and emails are displayed along with a preview of their content. The history is displayed in reverse-chronological order with the most recent notes and documents displayed first. Notes marked as important are displayed first.

Keep the following tips in mind when working with the History following tab:

  1. You can easily add notes to an entry in the History following tab by typing directly in the field labeled Click here to add a note.

Click the Filter button to filter notes and documents in the History following tab by date range and/or type.
  1. Select Show all to display all notes and documents for the current Address Book entry, including notes and documents belonging to the Company/Individual and all associated Contacts.

If this option is unchecked, only notes and documents belonging to the current entry are displayed.
This option is available only in the Address Book and Hotlist pages.
  1. Identify whether a History entry is a note, an email, a Maximizer document, or a different document type by viewing the icon displayed next to the entry.

  1. For emails with attachments, a paper clip is shown in the Subject line.

  1. Open or Delete a note, document, or email, click the links below it.

  1. Click the Properties link below a document or email to view its properties.

  1. Reply to and forward an email by clicking ReplyReply All, and Forward.

  1. Click More below a note or email preview to display its entire content.

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