Action Plan Options

Updated 3 years ago by Celina Kwan

The Action Plan options let you filter the list of activities by Action Plan.

The activities displayed follow the other filter elements as well as the option selected in the Action Plan filter.

  • When viewing activities in the Activities tab of the following pane, click the filter icon to access the Action Plan options.

  • When viewing the activities in an open Campaign, the Action Plan options are displayed in a drop-down list in the Activities tab.

The following options are available to customize the way Action Plan activities are displayed:

  • All Appointments and Tasks – Displays appointments and tasks regardless of Action Plans.

  • Action Plan Activities – Displays only appointments and tasks that are scheduled as part of Action Plans.

  • Action Plan – Select the name of an Action Plan at the bottom of the list to display only appointments and tasks scheduled as part of the Action Plan.

Click on the Action Plan to view its details and the Action Plan template.

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