Insights - My dashboard stopped working

Updated 11 months ago by Elena Yurkova

My dashboard stopped working

If the data you see on the dashboard is not what you expect it to be, first, check the selection in the filters.

  1. Start with checking dashboard filters from the top down.

Suggestion: start toggling off filters one by one, until data appears again. Most likely the last filter you toggled off causes the issue. Focus on that filter and check carefully available items.

  1. If the issue is still not resolved move deeper to each widget, checking widget filters, and at last formula filters. Following the same process as for the dashboard filters.
  2. The second, the most common cause is the mass update in Maximizer. For example, if Category items display name was changed, Sales Teams, Processes etc. E.g. stages were renamed from Sales Lead > Qualify >Compete >Negotiate> till 1. Qualify > 2. Compete > 3. Negotiate. These updated item names won't be automatically picked by the filters. You have to check 'Select All' and then pick new items.

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