Partial Matching and Wildcards

Updated 3 years ago by dustin keir

The quick search only returns entries containing the full words specified in the search field, and will not match partial words. For example, if you search for the word "hedge", only entries containing the full word "hedge" are returned. Entries containing the word "hedgehog" are not returned.

If you would like to search for partial words, you can use the * or ~ wildcard operator in your search. The * operator will match any sequence of characters at the end of a word. The ~ operator allows you to search for both plural and singular forms of a word.

For example, using the * wildcard, if you search for the phrase "part*", any entries containing a word that begins with "part" will be returned, including "part" and "partial".

Using the ~ wildcard, if you were to search for the phrase "entry~", any entries that contain either the singular form of the word "entry" or the plural form "entries" will be returned.

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