Restricting Campaign Activities

Updated 3 years ago by Peter Somogyi

You can choose to restrict your campaign activities by using the Do Not Solicit By field and email type field in the Address Book Details tab.

You can use the “Do Not Solicit By” field to prevent automated campaign emails from being sent to your Address Book entries. If the “Do Not Solicit By” field is set to “Email” for an entry, no automated campaign emails will be sent to that entry, regardless of the entry’s other email profile settings.

Maximizer allows you to set up different email types for which you can specify whether recipient consent is required or not in order to receive that type of email. You can manage the consent, or opt-in settings for your email recipients via the email profile of each Address Book entry’s email address.

When sending an email type that requires consent from Maximizer, the email profiles of the recipients are checked to ensure that they have consented, or opted-in to receive that type of email, and the email will only be sent to those recipients who have opted-in to that email type.
By adding unsubscribe merge fields to an email message you can allow the email recipients to unsubscribe from the current email type or from all email types.
By adding the manage email preferences merge field to an email message, email recipients can opt-in or opt-out of each email type. When a recipient clicks on the Manage your email preference link, Maximizer redirects the recipient to a web page where they can configure their email profile and opt-in preferences for each email type.

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