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Updated 3 years ago by Celina Kwan

Although the main page in Maximizer is the Address Book, there are more pages that you can work from.


The Dashboards page displays Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) so you can see your company's progress.

My Work Day

The My Work Day page allows everyone in your Company using Maximizer to view Hotlist tasks, appointments, company announcements and access to Dashboards.

Address Book

The Address Book page shows all information about your clients and business associates. Related information about each Address Book entry can be linked to Contacts, Hotlist Tasks, Customer Service cases, Opportunities, Campaigns, Documents and User-Defined Fields.


The Opportunities page tracks your sales opportunities. It allows your sales colleagues to manage your sales processes, strengthening the selling methodology in your team.


The Quotas page allows you to keep track of your sales quotas. You can view the forecast, weighted and won revenue of your Opportunities compared to your quota for each month, quarter or year.


The Campaigns page allows you to create and manage automated campaigns. Automated campaigns send out email messages to your Address Book entries on a pre-defined schedule.

Customer Service

The Customer Service page allows you to record issues regarding your Address Book entries. They can be categorized, escalated and resolved in a timely manner.

Knowledge Base

The Knowledge Base page allows you to manage your customer service solutions. It is linked with the Customer Service page. An article can be created for each case, question or guide to your products or services.


The Hotlist page displays to-do tasks and reminders. You can record actions and follow-up activities with your Address Book entries.


The Calendar page allows you to schedule, print and view your appointments with your Address Book entries. Other Maximizer users can view your calendar to see when you are busy.

Company Library

The Company Library files your company's departmental information for everyone to access. You can download the documents, view notes and hyperlinks in the preview pane as well as send documents to Address Book entries.

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