Duplicate Entry Warning in QuickBooks

Updated 3 years ago by Niall Clifford

What happens if a duplicate entry warning occurs?


Consider If the John Smith Entry in Maximizer has already been connected to QuickBooks and somebody is also working directly in QuickBooks and adds another John Smith Customer. At this point, this will not cause any issues as the original John Smith from Maximizer is linked or tied to the John Smith Customer in QuickBooks and not to the New John Smith in Quickbooks.


When a synchronization cycle occurs from Maximizer to QuickBooks and information is being updated, the new data goes to the correct John Smith Customer entry in QuickBooks.

If someone tries to connect a New John Smith Entry in Maximizer to QuickBooks, a duplicate entry error message will occur, the Maximizer user will not be able to connect this third John Smith. For all intensive purposes, QuickBooks sees this John Smith entry being synced over and cannot distinguish which of the two existing John Smith entries in QuickBooks that needs to be updated.

To resolve this Duplicate Entry error, a modification to the new John Smith entry in Maximizer will need to be completed so that this new entry can be distinguished between the two existing Customer entries in QuickBooks. E.g. John Smith2.

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