Find Duplicate Address Book Entries

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Use this procedure to search for duplicate values in any field displayed in a list of Address Book entries.

For example, you can search for multiple companies with the same name so you can perform maintenance on your records.

– or –

You can search for multiple contacts with the same email address before sending out a campaign to a list of entries.

You can find the duplicate values in all entries in the current list, or you can select specific entries in the list to find the duplicate values from only the selected entries.

  1. Create a list of Address Book entries by selecting Edit > Add Company/Individual/Contact.

– or –

Select entries in the current list.

If any entries are selected, the command searches through only the entries that are selected.

  1. Ensure the field you want to search is displayed in the column setup.

  1. Click on the column heading for the field you want to search.
  2. Select Search > Find Duplicates in List/Selected.

Only entries with duplicate values in the sorted field are displayed. You can use the Undo Search command to return to the previous list.

You can view a list of recently accessed Address Book entries from any page in Maximizer by selecting the Recent Entries icon in the heading bar.

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