Add a Company or an Individual

Updated 3 years ago by Celina Kwan

To complete this procedure, you must have the Insert permission for Address Book entries.

When you add entries for Companies and Individuals, you must specify all of the details on the entry. You can add Companies and Individuals as regular entries or as sales leads.

  1. Open the Address Book.
  2. Select Edit > Add Company or Individual.

– or –

Right-click and select Add > Company or Individual.

The Details following pane opens with blank fields for your new entry.

Mandatory fields that must be completed when creating a new entry are highlighted in red.

  1. Enter the basic information for the Company or Individual including name, address, phone numbers, and email addresses.
  2. From the Key Fields for drop-down list, select a Key Fields list, and enter values for the fields in the list.

  1. Click Save to save the entry to the Address Book.

After the entry is saved, you can select the User-Defined Fields following pane to fill-in more information about the entry.

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