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Dashboard filters for viewers

Filters allow you to specify a subset of data you want to see. By understanding how filters work and interact, you will understand a huge chunk of Insights. There are two levels of filters: dashboard filters and widget filters. Viewers can only change dashboard filters and explore data to a limited extent outlined by a dashboard owner.

You can interact with filters for analyzing data, either through the Filters pane or by simply selecting values by left-clicking the widget visualization.

Each time you interact with a filter, for example, by selecting or entering a value, the filter is immediately applied to your dashboard. You will not affect anyone else by changing the filters. In addition, you can restore the original state of the dashboard at any given point by selecting the dashboard menu item and clicking Restore Dashboard.

How to interact with filters

 You can interact with filters as follows:

  • If you see a Red value (1) in the filter pane, it means that you are viewing everything except this value.
  • If you see Blue values (2) in the filter pane it means that you are viewing only those values.
  • To edit values you are filtering on, click on the pencil icon next to the filter name in the dashboard to display the Filter Definition window (3).

In addition, you can easily toggle filters on and off using the toggle switch (4). Use this option to temporarily disable a filter.

Set your Default Filters

You can save the current state of your filters and their settings at any time. The current state includes the existing filters, their configuration, and the order in which they appear in the filters panel.

After making changes to any of the settings above, you will be able to restore your filters to their previously saved state.

To save your current set of filters:

  • In the Filters menu, click Set as My Default Filters.
  • To restore a saved filters set, click the Restore icon next to the Filters menu (5).

Remember, to create a new dashboard filter you must have a dashboard designer permissions.

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