Insights - Subscription Settings for a Shared Dashboard/Email Distribution

Updated 2 years ago by Elena Yurkova

Subscription Settings for a Shared Dashboard

By default, the dashboard owner manages the reporting settings (email content and scheduling frequency) for each recipient. However, the dashboard owner can allow the recipients to manage these settings for themselves.

The report recipients can manage their own subscription settings but not the settings for other users. The dashboard owner still has the option to turn off a subscription for any of the shared users on the dashboard.

To allow recipients to manage subscription settings:

  1. In the heading of the dashboard whose settings you want the recipient to manage, click the Share button 


In the Dashboards list, select > Share for the relevant dashboard. If a dashboard was previously shared, this button will be called Republish.

  1. The Share window opens. Toggle the Email Reports  button next to each user/user group on/off to define whether the user receives scheduled email reports of the dashboard.
  2. To allow users to manage their subscription settings, click Users cannot change their subscription settings. The setting changes to  and Users can change their subscription settings.
  3. Click Republish to update the shared dashboard.

Manage Subscription Settings as a Viewer

  1. In the heading of your dashboard, click the  Email reporting settings button.
This button appears only if the dashboard owner gave you the right to manage your reporting settings for this dashboard.

The Report window opens. Your subscription status appears in the top-right corner. If you are unsubscribed to the dashboard report, you cannot change the schedule settings for the report. You can still manage your report content and receive a report on demand ("now").

  1. Select the format in which to receive the report, set the desired schedule, and then click Save.

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