Insights - Duplicated Values and Rows

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Duplicated values and rows

This article helps you understand reasons behind duplicates you might encounter in your Insights visualizations.


You've created a visualization and see duplicated rows like in the pivot table below.

Duplicates can be visible when you create a chart or even appear later. In both scenarios, the root cause of the duplicates are always the Multi-select values in the table fields.

Multi-select fields are table fields with check-box options. For example, Products/Services, Categories, Account Manager and other table User-Defined fields created in your company that are Multi-Select Fields that are only available internally.

  1. If somebody chose or changed a record to multiple Products or other multiple Values in table Opportunity UDF, like in the example above, this record can have duplicates depending on the chart.
  2. A new filter was added and this is a table field with Multi-select values.


How to Avoid
  1. Remove Multi-select values from any table fields related to the chart you built.
  2. If (1) is impossible, apply Multi-pass formula to prevent multi-selects:


SUM (Identification, Average Corporate Revenue)

Read: group by Opportunity Identification and if there are multiple records, count revenue only once and after SUM these unique revenues.

If you want to learn more, read these articles, Multi-select table fields and Data structure.

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