Failed to save email from Outlook to Maximizer

Updated 10 months ago by Patrick Wong

When attempting to send an email in Outlook and saving it to Maximizer, the following message appears:

None of the specified email addresses has opted-in for Service Announcements email. This email won't be sent.

This message appears because Maximizer has specified that Service Announcement emails require permission from the recipient before sending.

To disable this requirement:

  1. In Maximizer, select Administration > Administrator.
  2. Select the System Fields page, then expand Address Book, Opportunity, Campaign and Customer Service System Fields
    1. For the Financial Edition of Maximizer, expand Contact List, Account, Campaign and Client Services System Fields
  3. Click Service Announcement.
  4. Set the Category setting to Permission from email recipients not required and uncheck the check box for Default email type for outgoing messages.
  5. Click Save to save your changes.

The user is now able to send emails without the error.

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