Searches for Indicators

Updated 3 years ago by Isabelle

You can use the Advanced Search command to set up searches in the Address Book, Opportunities, Customer Service, and Campaigns pages and then save the searches to the search catalog. When you create indicators, you can select any of these saved searches to access data for the indicator. You can also report on quotas, appointments, and Hotlist tasks in your indicators. While you cannot save searches for these types of entries, you can set up some search criteria while creating the indicator.

While setting up the search criteria, you can specify generic values in your searches to make them reusable for different users and at different times. For fields that take Maximizer users as values, you can specify the current user as the value of the field. For date fields, you can specify values in relation to the current date, such as today, next month, and current fiscal quarter. Each time the search is run, values for the current user and values relative to the current date are retrieved.

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