Filter Tasks and Appointments in the Hotlist

Updated 3 years ago by Niall Clifford

  1. In the Hotlist module, select the Filter icon.

  1. Select the user or users whose activities you want to view.
You must have access to other users’ Hotlist to view their Hotlist tasks. You can give other users access to your Hotlist in your Calendar/Hotlist preferences.

  • Select My Activities to view activities assigned to the current user.
  • Select Activities of All Users to view activities assigned to any user.
  • Select Activities of the Selected Users and select one or more users from the drop-down menu to view activities assigned to the selected users.
  1. Select the filter options for the activities you would like to view.
  • Select Show Completed Tasks to view completed tasks in the list.
  • Select Show Carried Forward Unfinished Tasks to view old tasks that are not yet complete.
  • Select Only Show Tasks That I Created to view all tasks created by the current user, even if they have been reassigned to another user.
  • Select Show Appointments to View Appointments in the list with the tasks.
You can also select Show completed appointments and Show carried forward unfinished appointments to view appointments, which are completed and unfinished carried forward appointments.
  1. Click OK to apply the filter options.

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