Unable to Connect or Find Server at "myserver.onprem.com" for the Mobile App

This error happens when the Gateway is unable to receive a response from the customers on-premise server.

Overview of how the Mobile App talks to On-Prem

  1. Mobile app talks to the Gateway
  2. Gateway lives on the Internet
  3. Gateway talks to the On-Prem server
Common Solutions
  1. Open the firewall up to trust https://maximizergateway.maximizer.com


  1. Open "myserver.onprem.com" site up to the internet


Example: Our office (MSI) is on-prem, and can be reached at team.maximizer.com. If you were outside the office and typed team.maximizer.com into a browser, you would hit the login screen. This is what you want.

Customers that have this issue, most likely cannot hit their server from the outside. Typing in "myserver.onprem.com" from outside their office will most likely produce a cannot connect page

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