Sales Teams and Sales Team Members

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Maximizer offers you the ability to assign an Opportunity to any sales team your system administrator has set up in Administrator. Teams allow you to delegate responsibility for Opportunities to members of the team and to control which team members are able to view and edit Opportunities. Sales teams are created and managed in Administrator.

Sales Team Members

Sales team are composed of the following types of members:

  • Team leader – In a team, one person is designated as a team leader who has the right to make any changes to the Opportunity. The team leader can change the status of Opportunities.
  • Team member – Regular team members can update the basic and user-defined fields in an Opportunity, but they do not have the right to change the status of the Opportunity. The member’s role is to perform the tasks the team leader assigns. Team members can modify the tasks from the Calendar and Hotlist pages.
  • Team member with edit rights – Team members can be granted edit rights for Opportunities, giving the team member the same abilities as the team leader.

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