Add a Value to a User-Defined Field

Updated 3 years ago by Celina Kwan

You can specify values for user-defined fields in the User-Defined Fields pane or in the User-Defined Fields tab of an open entry.

  1. Click on the entry to make it the current entry.

– or –

Open the entry.

  1. Select the User-Defined Fields pane or the User-Defined Fields tab.
  1. If necessary, select Show blank fields to display the user-defined fields without values.
  1. To search for a field, enter all or part of a field name in the search box and click the search icon.

All matching fields in the list are highlighted, and the number of matching fields is displayed.

  1. Next to the user-defined field you want to edit, click in the Value(s) column.
  1. Specify a value for the user-defined field.
  • Alphanumeric and numeric fields – Type the value.

  • Single-value table or yes/no fields – Select a value from the drop-down list.

  • Multi-value table fields – Click the ellipsis, select checkboxes next to values, and click OK.

  • Date fields – Click the calendar icon and select a date.

  1. If you are working in an open entry, click OK to save the changes.

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