Key Fields for Different Types of Entries

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Each Key Fields list contains different sets of fields for each type of entry. For example, you can create a new Key Fields list and add different sets of fields for Companies and Opportunities. When you add new fields to the list for Opportunities, you can add only Opportunity basic fields and user-defined fields. When you view the Details tab for an Opportunity in Maximizer, only the fields added to the Opportunities list will be displayed.

When you work with Address Book entries, you can set up separate lists of Key Fields for Companies, Individuals, and Contacts. Each type of Address Book entries have different lists for sales leads and for regular entries.

For example, Individual - Lead Key Fields appear only in Individual Address Book entries that are marked as sales leads.

Add fields to the Key Fields list for only the types of entries that you want to make the Key Fields list available to. If the Key Fields list contains no fields for a specific type of entry, the list will not be available when you view that type of entry.

Each Key Fields list can contain separate lists for the following types of entries:

  • Company Lead – For Companies marked as sales leads

  • Company – For Companies that are not marked as sales leads

  • Individual Lead – For Individuals marked as sales leads

  • Individual – For Individuals that are not marked as sales leads

  • Contact Lead – For Contacts that are marked as sales leads

  • Contact – For Contacts that are not marked as sales leads

  • Opportunity – For Opportunities

  • Campaign – For Campaign

  • Customer Service – For Customer Service cases

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