Insights - Dashboard Backup (Important)

Updated 2 years ago by Elena Yurkova

How to Backup Insights Dashboards

There is no automatic back up of the Insights dashboards.

To avoid losing dashboards, we highly recommend doing a contingency backup after any major changes.

Why is this important?

If the dashboard owner unexpectedly leaves the company and this user will be deleted or disabled in Maximizer, all dashboards he created will be lost. Having a backup version of the dashboard can be very handy as it can save you from rebuilding the dashboard from the scratch.

If you didn't backup your dashboards manually it is impossible to restore them.

Export Dashboards

To backup Insights dashboard:

  1. Pick the dashboard you want to back up from the dashboard list on the right side.
  2. Click 'Options' followed by 'Export'.
  3. The .dash file is now added to your local Downloads folder. Now you can freely move these files to the place appropriate for the backup.
Company Library in Maximizer can be a good place to store .dash files in your CRM

Import Dashboards

To restore a dashboard:

  1. Click '+' followed by 'Import Dashboards'
  2. Pick the .dash file you would like to restore.
Don't forget to share it with other users and set email subscriptions if needed.

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