Linking a Lead to a Campaign

Updated 1 year ago by Amruta Phansalker

At the time of creating a lead, you can associate a campaign to it. If the lead is converted to an opportunity, the campaign will also be associated with the opportunity. This allows tracking of lead generation related to campaigns and provides an insight into the ROI of the campaigns.

  1. Log on to Maximizer CRM.
  2. Create a lead:
    1. Click the Leads module.
    2. Begin the procedure for creating a lead
    3. Select a campaign:
      1. Locate the Campaign box and begin typing the name of the campaign.
      2. Select one from the list of matching results.
    4. Save your changes.
  3. Import a lead:
    1. Ensure that you have a compatible file type that contains details related to leads.
    2. Ensure that this file contains a field that can be mapped to “Campaign”. For example, if you have an XLS file, make sure that it has a column that contains all the campaigns associated with the leads.
    3. Go to Import > File Import (XLS, CSV, TAB etc).
    4. Map the field representing campaigns with “Campaigns” at the time of importing the leads.

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